‘equipping the church
on origins’

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News & Blog page 22 (latest)

Flood Heat Problem Latest

17 July, 2023

Our associate researcher Dr Bill Worraker has had another paper published investigating the huge amount of heat likely generated by processes involved in the Flood. Appearing in the open-access Answers Research Journal, this fourth study focuses on Flood and post-Flood magmatic activity. Read the article here.

Fossils and the Flood: Glad News, Sad News

17 July, 2023

All 800 copies of the first print run of the Dutch translation of Paul’s book have already sold! A second batch of 800 has been printed while the English edition continues to sell well too. You can still order one from 10ofthose (UK): here, or ‘Is Genesis History?’ (USA): here.

We have just learned that Jeanne Elizabeth, the remarkable artist behind the book’s beautiful watercolour illustrations, has gone to be with the Lord. After her move to the West Country Paul had the opportunity to visit Jeanne last year when despite declining health she was typically indomitable! See again the interview they recorded on that occasion here.

Flood Talks at King’s Lynn (and other recent meetings)

17 July, 2023
A photo showing Matthew'sammonite fossil and a rainbow.

Matthew Pickhaver’s ammonite.

In May King’s Lynn Evangelical Church in Norfolk hosted Matthew Pickhaver for another Genesis-themed weekend. On Saturday he gave a two-part presentation asking ‘Was there really a worldwide flood?’ Then on Sunday he led the morning worship service, including a BCT update, a children’s talk using an ammonite fossil and a sermon from Genesis 5 about the ‘walker who took a short cut’!

Paul Garner has also led a Sunday afternoon worship service at Barton Mills Baptist Church in Suffolk. As well as sharing briefly about the work of BCT, he preached from Romans 8 about the groaning and redemption of creation. He showed how this passage helps us explain the natural evils we see in the world, and points us towards the hope of a new heaven and earth and the redemption of our own bodies.

Meanwhile ‘Life in God’s Universe’ was the title of a sermon based on Proverbs 10 that Stephen Lloyd preached in his regular Sunday ministry at Hope Church Gravesend. With the main message beginning at 35:50, watch the service on YouTube here or listen on audio onlyhere.

New Book about TE reviewed in ET

17 July, 2023
A photo showing the cover of the book.

A Biblical Case Against Theistic Evolution, edited by Wayne Grudem.

Matthew Pickhaver’s review of A Biblical Case Against Theistic Evolution by Wayne Grudem and others, published by Crossway, has appeared in May’s edition of Evangelical Times. With a free online subscription, you can read the review on the newspaper’s website here.

The Flood for Friston Youth

13 July, 2023

On 1 April Matthew Pickhaver spoke at a youth event organised by Friston Baptist Church in Suffolk. The evening began with a quiz based on Genesis chapters 6 to 9, during which the young people present showed a good knowledge of the Flood account.

Matthew then showcased various evidences for it in the world around us such as global patterns of sedimentary rock, rapidly-buried fossils and widespread flood legends. Finally he looked at its significance in the Bible’s timeline and gospel application.

There was an enthusiastic response with discussion continuing over refreshments. Further questions were asked about how Noah knew God, what the ark ‘kinds’ were like and the importance of reading Genesis as history.

Genesis and the Cross

13 July, 2023

One Sunday morning recently Stephen Lloyd spoke about the finished work of Jesus on the cross. This was part of a series on the later chapters of John in his regular ministry at Hope Church Gravesend. At one point he explains the importance of our creation ministry in this way: "It’s about the cross. It’s about the gospel. It’s about why Jesus had to die. That is why it matters…If Jesus’s death is a payment for sin then death can’t have been part of creation from the beginning. It only makes sense to say Jesus’s death is a payment for sin if death has come in as a curse on Adam’s sin…John ties the cross and Genesis together." You can see the whole message (from 36:20 to 1:13:45) here or an audio only version of the sermon can be heard here.

Paul at Pershore

13 July, 2023

In February Paul spoke about Noah’s ark at a meeting organised by Pershore Evangelical Church. He began by considering what the Bible says about the flood, and then gave a history of how Christians have thought about the ark down through the ages, from the time of the Church Fathers on. Then he tackled some of the questions sceptics like to raise, including: Could the ark accommodate all the animals? How were the animals cared for? Are wooden vessels of ark size even possible? And is there evidence outside the Bible of a worldwide flood? Attendance was encouraging and he had some good conversations afterwards.

New ‘Let's Talk Creation’ Website

13 July, 2023

Paul and Todd’s ‘Let’s Talk Creation’ podcast now has its own website! With the tagline ‘Learn, Grow and Worship’, you will find there an archive of past episodes, show notes, more information about your hosts, how to support the show and even some podcast merchandise! Go here.

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