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on origins’

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Creation and the Story-Line of the Bible

January 9, 2010

A talk given by Steve Lloyd at the ‘God & Darwinian Evolution Conference’ in The King’s Centre, Oxford on 13 November 2009 is now available for download. The conference was jointly sponsored by Paternoster and the King’s Bible College and Training Centre, Oxford. Other speakers were coming from a theistic evolution viewpoint. In his talk Steve discusses how our position on whether physical death is a consequence of human sin affects our understanding of the story-line of the Bible, including the meaning of the cross. He also considers the inconsistency in interpretation of the Bible required by a theistic evolution position. In conclusion Steve points to modern creationist research as a better way to find a compatibility between biblical and scientific accounts of origins. The Powerpoint slides accompanying the talk are also available. To download the files, just right-click on the links and select “Save Target As”.

Grace Magazine reviews The New Creationism

December 12, 2009

The New Creationism has been reviewed in the latest edition of Grace Magazine (December 2009, p.21). The reviewer is Dr J. H. John Peet. Grace Magazine’s editor, Colin Grimwood, has kindly given us permission to post the review here.

Paul Garner is well known amongst the Grace Baptist constituency as an able creationist speaker. This book will be welcomed by those who have heard him and appreciated by even more.

This year has been noted as the anniversary of Darwin’s birth and of the publication of his book ‘On the Origin of Species.’ This has caused a spate of new books and this one will probably head the booklists of those interested in the subject. The title may surprise some: what is new about creationism? It reflects the fact that the creationist position has come of age. It is not simply an anti-evolution approach. It has a positive biblical position and, as this book shows, a mature approach to the scientific data.

The book is marked by its readability: the reader does not need to be a scientist in order to understand the subject. On the other hand, the scientifically-minded will find it satisfying and a basis for further study. The end-notes (30 pages) and bibliography will provide [sic] valuable for research. It divides into four parts. In the first, Paul explores the origin and nature of the universe, showing the clear signs of its divine creation and maintenance. The Earth stands out as a unique planet, made specifically for mankind.

But what of the time element? This occupies several chapters in Part 2. Firstly, Paul looks at the biblical evidence for a young universe/young Earth. He goes on to examine the geological evidence for a catastrophic history. This leaves the 'problem’ of claims that radiometric dating methods establish unambiguously that the world is very old. Paul describes some outstanding creationist research of the last decade which demonstrates an alternative interpretation favouring a short geological history. In the last chapter of this section, he describes other processes (cosmological, earthly and human) that suggest the beginning of all these things must be relatively recent. Readers will appreciate the caution that Paul introduces into his arguments showing their limitations.

The third part deals with the biological evidence which supports the creationist position. Paul tackles the underlying issues arising in the debate about the miraculous creation claimed by the Scriptures: the origin of life itself, diversity by design, biological classification (first developed by creationists!), defects and degeneration and embryology. A section full of fascinating facts presented again in a very readable format.

Finally, the Flood and its consequences. This is the field in which Paul is active in his research; this is reflected in the thoroughness of his account. He acknowledges views other than his own held within the creationist community. He begins, rightly, with a careful look at the biblical record of the Flood and then demonstrates how the evidence accords with this. The formation of fossils is not recorded in the Scriptures and so we have to examine Scripture and the fossil record carefully to see where they fit in. Evolutionists see the fossils as a record of appearance of different plant and animal types; the evidence points to their disappearance – in biblical terms, judgment.

The Ice Age is an area where creationist studies have a strong lead over the uniformitarian (evolutionary) approaches. The chapter on this makes very interesting and exciting reading. This leads directly into the concluding chapter on Stone Age Man and where he fits into the biblical record.

Paul closes his book with a brief gospel message. This is appropriate as many of us will be pleased to pass a copy of this book to non-Christian friends. But, in any case, read it yourself and be blessed.

More on Todd Wood’s visit in March 2010

December 3, 2009

Further to our recent announcement about Dr Todd Wood’s visit to the UK in March 2010, we can now share some further details of the talks he'll be offering.

The first is entitled Science and the Supernatural and will address the question of what it means to be both a scientist and a creationist. Modern scientists commonly claim that true science cannot consider supernatural causes, since they are outside the realm of observation. Dr Wood will review the reasons for this and propose a way to allow the supernatural realm to inform and enrich scientific research. This talk is suitable for all audiences.

The second is entitled The Challenge of Darwin and is a somewhat more technical presentation. Throughout Origin of Species, Charles Darwin makes the case that a wide variety of biological data is “inexplicable” on the view of creation. Twentieth century evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky went further with his claim that “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” But is this true? Dr Wood will review and evaluate an emerging model of biological origins that explicitly denies the ancestry of all living things.

We can also announce that Dr Wood will be speaking on the second of these topics, ‘The Challenge of Darwin’, at a meeting organized by the Genesis Agendum on Saturday 13 March 2010 (6.30 pm). The venue will be Lower Ford Street Baptist Church, Coventry CV1 5QJ. All are welcome.

If you are interested in having Dr Wood speak at your church or other meeting, please contact Stephen and Joan Bazlinton (01371 856495).

More reviews of The New Creationism

November 26, 2009

CRSQ Fall 2009.

Paul Garner’s book The New Creationism has been reviewed in the latest edition of the Creation Research Society Quarterly (Volume 46, Number 2, p.118). The reviewer is Don Ensign, who concludes that it is “a good introduction to current creation thinking” and written in “a very clear style that nonprofessional readers will appreciate.”

Dr Kevin Anderson, CRSQ Editor, has kindly given permission for the entire book review to be reproduced on Paul’s blog. Visitors to the Creation Research Society website can order the book for $16.00 ($14.00 for CRS members) plus postage.

The Good Book Stall has also reviewed The New Creationism. They describe it as “controversial” and “an eloquent and compact summary with some interesting ideas on time-dilation and catastrophic plate tectonics.” You can read their review here.

Finally, the Metropolitan Tabernacle Bookshop in London now stocks The New Creationism on its website, so UK readers wondering where to purchase a copy have another option.

Dr Steve Lloyd on BBC Radio Kent

November 25, 2009

This week marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species. On Tuesday morning, the day of the anniversary itself, Dr Steve Lloyd took part in a short debate about evolution on BBC Radio Kent. His opponent was Richard Norman, Chair of the East Kent Humanists and an Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Kent.

In the few minutes available, Steve was able to make some good points about the nature of creationism and the evidence supporting the intelligent design of living systems. For a limited period the debate can be heard on BBC iPlayer by clicking here. The programme was 'Breakfast with John Warnett and Julia George' and the segment starts at 2:01:55 (about two hours in).

Looking ahead to 2010

As of October 2009, Paul Garner has been working full time for Biblical Creation Ministries for seven years. In view of his heavy schedule of speaking, writing and research, the trustees of BCM have decided to give him a short sabbatical in the first half of 2010, during which he will not be taking on his usual speaking engagements.

Between January and March he will be working from home on a special project, and then having a complete break from his ministry responsibilities between April and June. We believe that this will benefit the ministry in the longer term, by allowing Paul to ‘recharge his batteries’ and come back to the work with renewed vigour. Normal service will be resumed in the second half of 2010 and Paul is taking bookings for that period now (see the Diary page for details).

During Paul’s sabbatical, Dr John Peet and Sylvia Baker have kindly agreed to help us by taking on a limited number of speaking engagements on BCM’s behalf. John and Sylvia will be familiar to most of our supporters as well known speakers and authors. They will be managing their own diaries and anyone interested in setting up a meeting is invited to contact them via BCM.

Dr Steve Lloyd will be taking on engagements as usual throughout 2010 and, as announced elsewhere, Dr Todd Wood will also be undertaking a short speaking tour for us during Paul’s sabbatical.

Derby, Darwin and Dinosaurs!

November 24, 2009

Conference report by David Fielding, pastor of Castlefields Church, Derby

From left to right: Dr Steve Lloyd, Paul Garner and David Fielding.

Paul Garner speaking on the life of Charles Darwin.

The weekend of 13 to 15 November was an exciting time for the members of Castlefields Church in Derby. Seizing the opportunity of the 2009 Darwin anniversaries, the church hired the prestigious 'Darwin Suite' in the city centre as a venue to host their Creation Outreach weekend. The room is actually dedicated to Erasmus, the grandfather of Charles Darwin and provided an interesting talking point in getting people coming to the meetings. The title of the weekend, 'Derby, Darwin and Dinosaurs' was chosen to attract further interest in the city of Derby and as a link to the subject of the talks being presented.

Nearly 200 people attended the event, with many being non-Christian friends of church members and visitors from other churches in the area. The main speakers were Paul Garner and Dr Steve Lloyd of Biblical Creation Ministries. A varied programme of talks on creation subjects was presented including a very searching analysis of the spiritual lessons that can be drawn from the life of Charles Darwin. Paul Garner showed how God was 'pursuing' Darwin all through his life by placing Christians in his path and bringing scripture to bear upon his thinking. A serious challenge was posed to those listening not to turn away from God's free grace, as Darwin did but to seek Him and to find Him as Saviour. In addition, Steve Lloyd gave a fascinating and wide-ranging talk entitled 'New answers to old questions', in which he explained the work that creationists are doing to build rigorous scientific models in biology and geology.

Many books and DVDs were purchased.

It was encouraging to see free evangelistic literature being taken away and many books and DVDs being purchased. The church is looking to the Lord to bring lasting fruit from the event and to bless this endeavour for Him.

BCM to host speaking tour by leading creation biologist

October 13, 2009

We are delighted to announce that leading creationist researcher Dr Todd Wood will be visiting the UK again next year. He will be arriving on or around 10 March and staying until 17 or 18 March. We hope that a number of our friends and supporters will be willing to set up meetings at which he can speak during his visit.

His itinerary will be coordinated on BCM's behalf by Stephen and Joan Bazlinton. We are grateful to Stephen and Joan for their help in this regard. If you would like to invite Dr Wood to speak at your church or other meeting, please contact Stephen and Joan Bazlinton (01371 856495).

Dr Wood will be offering a couple of talks. One will consider the nature of science and what it means to be both a creationist and a scientist. The other will provide an informative overview of modern creationist biology.

Details of Dr Wood's itinerary will be posted on our website as it takes shape. Further information will also be available from Stephen and Joan Bazlinton.

Dr Todd Wood.

Dr Todd Charles Wood is the current director of the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. He has a PhD from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Virginia and has published 30 peer-reviewed papers and three book chapters on the topics of systematics, genomics and evolutionary biochemistry. He is also the author of a textbook on creation biology and a monograph on the Galápagos Islands. He is a leading creationist researcher in the USA and one of the founding members of the Creation Biology Study Group.

Themelios reviews Debating Darwin

September 1, 2009


Steve Lloyd's jointly-authored book, Debating Darwin, has been reviewed in the July 2009 edition of Themelios, the international journal for students of theological and religious studies (Vol. 34, No. 2, p.269). The reviewer is Hans Madueme of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. You can download the journal here (review on page 269 of PDF).

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