‘equipping the church
on origins’

Diary Engagements for 2022–2023

Key: PG = Paul Garner SL = Steve Lloyd MP = Matthew Pickhaver BW = Bill Worraker

Please note that meetings will be subject to government advice should the COVID-19 situation deteriorate again.

Sunday 4 December 2022, 10.30 am, Morning service, North Walsham Congregational Church, 20 Cromer Road, North Walsham, Norfolk NR28 0HD. Further information from Ruth Harper (ruthpharper@gmail.com). [MP] 

Wednesday 7 December 2022, ‘Are science and Christianity compatible?’, Year 6 RE lesson in a primary school. [MP] 

Wednesday 7 December, 6.00 pm (7.00 pm CET), Livestream talk and Q&A: ‘The current state of the creation model’, Logos Instituut, Netherlands. [PG]

Wednesday 22 February 2023, 7.30 pm, ‘Noah’s ark: fairy tale or fact?’, Pershore Evangelical Church, Abbey Park First and Nursery School, Pershore, Worcestershire WR10 1DF. Further information from Clive Bryant (01386 556650 or cfb1053@ gmail.com). [PG]

Saturday 1 April 2023, 6.00pm–8.00pm, 'Was there really a worldwide flood?', Friston Baptist Church YP, Fromus Centre, Saxmundham, Suffolk. [MP]

Saturday 13 May 2023, 'Was there really a worldwide flood?', King's Lynn Evangelical Church. [MP]

Sunday 14 May 2023, Morning service, King's Lynn Evangelical Church. [MP]

Thursday 10 August 2023, Grace Baptist North Watford. [MP]

Note: Meetings are also arranged in schools and colleges but details are not advertised.

Comments received about
previous talks:
  • “The approach you took was quite different to anything I had seen in such presentations before, and I found it really stimulating… . It was very refreshing to think about Creation in the context of New Creation.”
  • “It is great that in these days of blanket rejection of Biblical truth in schools and media, you are taking on the challenge to set the record straight so effectively.”
  • “What a wonderful message we have, as believers, to tell the world about the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ! So thank you for the encouragement to us to be bold in telling people about our Creator and His creation.”
  • “I know that what you have passed on to us has strengthened us in our faith and made us more equipped to help others to come to faith.”
  • “Your talk was eye-opening and inspiring and I know there has been great interest in the tapes of the talk.”
  • “Be encouraged to continue your ministry because there will be others who will be encouraged as I was to hear your talk”
  • “With the media these days drumming evolution in as the true story, it was very reassuring to have the truth so clearly explained.”
  • “Thank you so much for your excellent seminar which was very well received – it helped bring foundational truth.”
  • “Thank you so much for another wonderful talk…You argue the case for a young earth with great clarity and conviction.”
  • “I personally found your lively and confident presentation, on what to so many is a taboo subject, very enjoyable and informative…all who came were both challenged and informed.”
  • “Thank you very much for the talks on creation that you have given…It is very reassuring to have all that evidence that you gave in support of the biblical record.”
  • “Your talks are very much appreciated by many people here and I am glad that the audiences are growing. I am sure we need to march around this ‘evolutionary city’ until the walls come tumbling down.”