‘equipping the church
on origins’

History of Biblical Creation Trust

Biblical Creation Trust unites and builds on the past work of three UK organisations: in order of foundation, The Biblical Creation Society (BCS), Genesis Agendum (GA) and Biblical Creation Ministries (BCM).

BCS began in 1976 as an initiative of theological students associated with the Inter-Varsity Fellowship, dissatisfied with the theistic evolution position. Over its 40 year history it has organised numerous events and conferences and produced significant publications including 60 issues of the magazine Origins. Highlights from these publications are featured on this website. BCS also produced the Creation Manifesto in 1988 which sets out a Biblical Creation position in detail.

Genesis Agendum was founded in 1994 and its focus has been on demonstrating the accuracy of the Bible through historical and scientific scholarship. It has also created a virtual museum designed for educational use called The World Around Us.

Biblical Creation Ministries was set up in 2002 as an offshoot of the BCS to support the speaking ministry of Paul Garner. Over time research has become a more significant part of the ministry and others have been added to the ministry team. Here we highlight some of the most strategically significant activities of BCM. BCT will continue to develop these aspects of BCM’s ministry:

  • Leaders and students. To influence the future direction of the church it is vital to reach current and future leaders. As well as speaking to current ministers we provided teaching at a number of theological colleges and training courses. In 2008 we hosted a student conference. We have been involved in debates with leading Christians who have a different understanding of origins including Dr Denis Alexander and Dr Hugh Ross.
  • Research. We have been involved in international research projects including work on the Coconino Sandstone in the Grand Canyon with results presented at the Geological Society of America annual meetings. Research work has also been presented at the Creation Biology Society conferences in the USA and we hosted the Genesis Kinds conference in the UK in 2009. The work of leading creationist researchers including Dr Todd Wood and Dr Gordon Wilson has been disseminated through speaking tours in the UK.
  • Media. We have participated in Christian radio and TV programmes and also national television including ITV, Channel 4 and most recently The Big Questions on BBC1.
  • Publications. As well as numerous magazine and journal articles Paul Garner has written The New Creationism (Evangelical Press, 2009) and Steve Lloyd co-authored Debating Darwin (Paternoster, 2009). Paul Garner has also written and presented the DVD Set in Stone, produced by Truth in Science.

BCM was renamed Biblical Creation Trust in 2015 to reflect the new focus of its work. The ministry of BCT is more necessary than ever. As we restore the churches’ historic confidence in the reliability of the Bible, in particular concerning origins, we will have the coherent theology necessary to meet the challenges of today’s increasingly secular culture.