‘equipping the church
on origins’

What does BCT do?

The mission of BCT is to establish Biblical Creation as mainstream in the theology and apologetics of the church. BCT is a gospel organisation. We work in partnership with local churches to equip and train them to respond to the challenge of contemporary understandings of origins in a theologically and scientifically informed way. Doing this will maximise the churches’ apologetic impact as we seek to persuade people of the truth of the gospel. Our ministry can be divided into three overlapping strands:

Theology : We promote theological research that integrates our doctrine of creation with the whole story-line of the Bible.

Science : We believe scientific research is a God-glorifying activity. It is through developing a multidisciplinary, robust, scientific model of earth history, consistent with the Bible’s story-line, that science will be enriched and also the church will be best equipped to challenge contemporary false understandings of origins.

Apologetics : Many apologetic challenges we face today, not least the problem of suffering, relate directly to our understanding of origins. In our ministry we want to integrate the Bible’s teaching on creation with wider apologetic concerns so we can provide a compelling defence of the Christian worldview on which the gospel is based within an increasingly secular culture.

As well as engaging in speaking and writing and providing resources to equip the whole church, a particular focus of our activity is to nurture a research community. We want to bring together and train people with expertise across the range of disciplines required to build coherent and compelling creation models.