‘equipping the church
on origins’

For further study

The following books and DVDs are our top 10 recommendations for students interested in exploring young-age creationism and the origins debate further. We have focused on titles that we think contribute to the building of positive creationist models, rather than arguing primarily against evolutionary ideas. Our list is not intended to be exhaustive nor do we necessarily endorse all the content of these materials. We have provided links where these books and DVDs are available from Amazon UK.


  1. Garner, P. 2009. The New Creationism: Building Scientific Theories on a Biblical Foundation. Evangelical Press, Darlington. ISBN 0-85234-692-1.

    Popular and highly readable account of creationist efforts to build scientific theories on a biblical foundation. Simply explains the latest creationist thinking in biology, geology and astronomy.

  2. Wise, K.P. 2002. Faith, Form, and Time: What the Bible Teaches and Science Confirms About Creation and the Age of the Universe. Broadman & Holman Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee. ISBN 0-8054-2462-8.

    Bold and comprehensive creationist model of origins. The author is a PhD palaeontologist who studied under leading evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould at Harvard.

  3. Brand, L. 2009. Faith, Reason, and Earth History: A Paradigm of Earth and Biological Origins by Intelligent Design. Second edition. Andrews University Press, Berrien Springs, Michigan. ISBN 1-883925-15-0.

    University-level textbook presenting a constructive approach to origins and earth history in the context of Scripture. With many practical examples, readers are shown how to analyze the available scientific data and approach unsolved problems. The author is an experienced research scientist and a Seventh-Day Adventist. While we do not endorse Adventist theology, we think this book is an extremely helpful contribution on the topic of origins.

  4. Theology

  5. Finlay, G., Lloyd, S., Pattemore, S. and Swift, D. 2009. Debating Darwin. Two Debates: Is Darwinism True & Does it Matter? Paternoster, Milton Keynes. ISBN 978-184227-619-8.

    Debate between Christians about the scientific merits of evolution and its compatibility with the Bible. Stephen Lloyd sets out three aspects of the Bible’s ‘storyline’ that are incompatible with neo-Darwinism. Note that David Swift’s chapter on the scientific debate is an independent contribution, not designed to be consistent with the theological position outlined by Lloyd.

  6. Biology

  7. Wood, T.C. and Murray, M.J. 2003. Understanding the Pattern of Life: Origins and Organization of the Species. Broadman and Holman Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee. ISBN 0-8054-2714-7.

    A fine explanation of creationist efforts to build a model of biology that fits both the facts of Scripture and the data of creation. It covers foundational concepts, methodological issues and specific applications, and is richly illustrated with case studies.

  8. Galápagos Revisited. Featuring Dr Todd Wood. 57 minutes, Biblical Creation Ministries and the Center for Origins Research, 2009.

    Illustrated lecture available from BCT – please contact us for more information. Biologist Todd Wood shows that Darwin was correct about the origin of island species but went too far in inferring universal common ancestry.

  9. Geology

  10. Austin, S.A. (editor). 1994. Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe. Institute for Creation Research, Santee, California. ISBN 0-932766-33-1.

    Invaluable guide to the canyon of canyons. Interprets the geology, biology and archaeology in the light of Creation and the global Flood.

  11. Snelling, A.A. 2009. Earth’s Catastrophic Past: Geology, Creation and the Flood: 2 volumes. Institute for Creation Research, Dallas, Texas. ISBN 978-0-932766-94-6.

    The long awaited update to Whitcomb and Morris’ classic, The Genesis Flood. Comprehensively sets out a modern creationist approach to geology and early earth history.

  12. Set in Stone. Featuring Paul Garner, Dr John Whitmore and Dr Andrew Snelling. 58 minutes, Truth in Science, 2012.

    Lavish documentary filmed on location across the British Isles presenting the geological evidence for catastrophism and a young world. Complete with fully referenced transcript.

  13. Radioisotope dating

  14. DeYoung, D. 2005. Thousands Not Billions: Challenging an Icon of Evolution, Questioning the Age of the Earth. Master Books, Green Forest, Arkansas. ISBN 0-89051-441-0.

    Summarises eight years of research pointing to a radical new interpretation of the results of radioisotope dating methods.