‘equipping the church
on origins’

Origins archive

Origins was the magazine of the Biblical Creation Society and ran for 60 print editions between 1987 and 2015. Its predecessor was Biblical Creation, which ran for 24 print editions between 1978 and 1986. We will be uploading selected articles from back issues of these and other BCS publications.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these PDF files. Click on the word ‘PDF’ to open the PDF file in a new browser window (then save it if you want to). Alternatively you can right click on the word ‘PDF’ and choose ‘save linked file as’ (or similar) and it will download the PDF file; the file size is given as an indication of download time.


Thompson, L. 2015. Types of animal form. Evidence from nature accords with the creation account. Origins 60: 26-30. PDF (945KB)

Darrall, N. 2015. Diseases and illnesses – did God create them? Origins 60: 20-25. PDF (593KB)

Lloyd S.J. 2014. Flood theology: why does Noah's flood matter? Origins 59: 4–8. PDF (3.2MB)

Lloyd S.J. 2011. Genesis: not suitable for modern scientific understanding? Origins 55: 20–24. PDF (916KB)

Garner P.A. 2011. The Genesis Flood : 50 years on. Origins 55: 4–10. PDF (920KB)

Miller, A. 2011. Why won’t creationists just give up? Origins 54: 18-19. PDF (72KB)

Lloyd S.J. 2011. Debating Darwin. Origins 54: 5–9. PDF (173KB)

Garner P.A. 2010. The new creationism. Origins 52: 8–9. PDF (651KB)

Fuller, I. 2006. Science of earth’s birth not set in stone. Origins 44: 6-7. PDF (2.3MB)

Lloyd S.J. 2005. ‘God of the gaps’: a valid objection? Origins 42: 7–10. PDF (993KB)

Tyler D.J. 2003. The ‘smoking gun’ way to do geological science. Origins 35: 12. PDF (268KB)

Fuller, I.C. 1999. Geochronology in the light. Luminescence dating: a critical review of a new technique. Origins 26: 6-8. PDF (502KB)

Garner, P. 1996. The New Zealand ‘plesiosaur’. Origins 21: 24-25. PDF (413KB)

Garner, P. 1995. Rapid formation of calcium carbonate concretions in a north Norfolk marsh. Origins 18: 13-14. PDF (344KB)

Tyler, D.J. 1989. Religious presuppositions in historical geology. Origins 7: 13-16. PDF (1.3MB)

Biblical Creation

Darrall N.M. 1986. Survival of plant life during the Flood. Biblical Creation 24: 81–96. PDF (532KB)

Cameron, N.M. de S. 1980. The unity and harmony of Genesis 1-3. Biblical Creation 6: 37-44. PDF (781KB)

Other Publications

The Biblical Creation Society. 1996. The Creation Manifesto, Revised Edition. (First published in 1988 as The Creation Manifesto Origins 5: 6–10.) PDF (556KB)

Carson, D.A. 1980. Adam in the epistles of Paul. In: Cameron, N.M. de S. (editor). In the Beginning… A Symposium on the Bible and Creation. Biblical Creation Society, Glasgow: 28-43. PDF (1.7MB)

Tyler D.J. n.d. Lessons from Paluxy. Biblical Creation Society. PDF (959KB)