‘equipping the church
on origins’

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News & Blog page 23 (latest)

Can you help us continue our ministry in 2024?

29 April,

This year has been especially busy – for which we’re glad – and you can see some of our activities listed below. All this was only possible because of the generosity of our supporters.

Would you consider an end-of-year gift to help see us into 2024?

    That way we’ll be able to continue to:

  • Contribute to the creation science model,
  • Equip Christians to face challenges arising from the origins issue,
  • Reshape the debate, focusing on its gospel implications.

Click here to see how to give and for donations from overseas, please click here.

Many thanks in advance and let’s pray that we’ll be able to reach more in 2024!

A photo showing Paul Garner in front of a rock face.

Help us reach more in 2024!

In 2023…

  • Paul and Stephen attended the 9th International Conference on Creationism in Ohio, where Paul co-presented two research papers and appeared on a geology panel. They also attended Origins 23 and spoke at a series of meetings – and helped lead a field trip – with the Missouri Association for Creation.
  • Back in the UK, they addressed over a hundred students at the Truth in Science Summer School in Staffordshire, as well as leading workshops.
  • Paul spoke in Germany at Wort & Wissen’s geoscience conference, besides other engagements with churches and groups here.
  • Stephen again taught on the theology of origins to ministerial trainees at London Seminary. He also took the same subject at a one-day Bible conference in Norfolk.
  • Matthew took thirteen meetings for nine local churches across East Anglia and London, including a youth event and a special weekend about the Flood.
  • Bill’s fourth technical paper on the Flood ‘heat problem’ was published.
  • Besides a number of articles in the Christian press, a major new book-writing project has also continued behind-the-scenes.
  • Paul and Core Academy’s Todd Wood have now recorded 74 episodes of their Let’s Talk Creation podcast, which has over 2100 subscribers. Paul and Stephen have also been interviewed on other podcasts and programs.
  • We continued to develop plans to establish a physical base.

Christmas and Genesis

29 April, 2024

In a Christmas Day service at Hope Church Gravesend, Stephen Lloyd addressed the subject of ‘Christmas and Genesis’. The incarnation was a new beginning for Jesus himself, but also a new beginning for humanity and the world. Watch here (main message from 27:33 to 51:33) (youtube.com).

London Seminary

29 April, 2024

On 8 December Stephen Lloyd gave a morning of lectures to students at London Seminary. Some of the students are based overseas so attended online. The aim was to equip these trainee pastors to address the issues that arise from the topic of ‘Christians and Science’ in their future ministry. Material covered included the value of science, different models of how science and Scripture relate and the creation/evolution debate as a case study.

A photo showing London Seminary.

A photo showing London Seminary.

NEFC with Matthew Pickhaver

29 April, 2024

In November Matthew Pickhaver led a morning service at Norwich Evangelical Free Church in Norfolk, giving an introduction to and update on our ministry before preaching from Genesis 5. Some useful discussions followed with more requests to receive our news regularly. The service is available on NEFC’s YouTube channel here (BCT report: 13.25 - 35.55, main message: 44.15 - 1.12.50). NEFC Livestream - 19/11/2023 (youtube.com)

Soham Baptist with Paul Garner

29 April, 2024

Soham: Psalm 111:2 says ‘Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them’, words that appear (in Latin) on the doors of the old Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge. But what are the Lord’s works, why are they great and how should we respond? Paul Garner addressed this in a sermon at Soham Baptist Church in November. Find an audio of the service here (sermon from 22.35), as well as his morning message on 'Good Times and Bad Times’ from Exodus 1 & 2. Paul Garner Archives - Soham Baptist Church.

Leyton & Needham Market

29 April, 2024

On 10 December Paul Garner took a service at Needham Market Evangelical Church in Suffolk, while Matthew Pickhaver visited Hainault Road Baptist Church in Leyton, East London. Paul spoke on Psalm 111 and Matthew from Genesis 5, each also sharing updates about our ministry. Afterwards Matthew was asked more about pre-Flood lifespans, the age of the earth and the impact of theistic evolution on the gospel, while one lady told Paul how much she is enjoying his and Todd Wood’s ‘Let’s Talk Creation’ podcast, having listened to almost every episode and appreciating that they ‘deal with topics in a focused, informed and measured way’. You can watch Paul’s service on NMEC’s YouTube channel, Part 1 here and Part 2 here – main message from 13:25 to 47:10. Also, listen to Matthew’s service on HRBC’s website here – main message from 41:00 to 1:05:40. 

A photo of Needham Market Evangelical Church building.

Needham Market Evangelical Church building.

A photo of Hainault Road Baptist Church building.

Hainault Road Baptist Church building.

9th ICC Proceedings Published!

29 April, 2024

The Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Creationism, which took place in Ohio in July, have been published. The volume includes two papers co-authored by Paul Garner, one about the consistency of radioisotope dates (p.389) and the other about order in the fossil record (p.480). And there are lots of other fascinating papers besides, across many fields of study. The entire volume is available to read free at this link here.

A photo of book cover.

9th ICC Proceedings Published.

LTC reaches 2000 subscribers!

29 April, 2024

On 6 November, Let’s Talk Creation – the podcast Paul Garner co-hosts with Todd Wood of Core Academy – reached the milestone of 2,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel! A huge thank you from Paul and Todd and everyone at BCT and Core Academy! If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can join our growing community of viewers here at Let's Talk Creation - YouTube. 

A graphic showing Paul and Todd.

Let’s talk creation with Paul Garner and Todd Wodd.

Battisford & West Row

29 April, 2024

Matthew Pickhaver has given ministry updates at Battisford Free Church and West Row Baptist, both in Suffolk. The Sunday morning service from Battisford is available to watch here (main message from 20:00 to 51:30), and Matthew also gave an afternoon talk on why it matters how we read Genesis 1-11. At West Row’s midweek meeting, Matthew shared thoughts on Colossians 1:15-20, before some discussion about the origins debate in the media and schools, and an encouraging time of prayer.

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