‘equipping the church
on origins’

Welcome to Biblical Creation Trust

Origins matters. How we answer the big questions of life - “Who am I?”, “How should I live?”, “What is my future?” and “What’s gone wrong?” - is shaped by our understanding of where we came from. Hence as Christians, how we understand and explain the gospel is directly linked to our view on origins. Biblical Creation Trust promotes a Biblical Creation position as we believe this understanding of origins preserves the coherence of the Bible’s story-line and also provides the foundation for robust scientific investigation of what God has made.

We want to:

  • Equip the church in its mission to the world
  • Unite Christians around the central doctrines of Biblical Creation
  • Nurture a biblically-based origins research community

Our vision and activities are introduced on this website and in our introductory brochure. A good place to begin is with the About pages. You can also find out about our meetings, research and how you can support us as well as exploring our library of articles (whether in our Origins archive or other publications) and resources that introduce Biblical Creation.

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